Ghosts on the Tour

Recently,  I had a flurry of interesting photos on my tours. Fortunately, some people send me the pictures.

To begin, orbs are evidence of the dead caught on camera.  The theory behind it is these are spirits who reflect the state of composition and appear as only dust.  Sometimes it’s just a dirty camera lens.  Other times it’s unexplained.

ghost 3jpg.jpg

This particular picture, for example, doesn’t do justice to what we were seeing.  The individual taking this shot was using a cellphone with a shutter mode, meaning it took multiple pictures in quick succession. What we saw that night was a picture without the ball of light in the lower corner, then this picture, then another where it traveled up, then a fourth where it was gone.

Later in the night, this person had a lot of trouble with the phone trying to send me these pictures.  This is the only one that came through.  The others were corrupted files and just darkness.

These came from another woman’s camera.  In the one on the top left, you can see her lens in clean (and I look fabulous), in the one on the lower left, she’s starting to get some orbs (upper right is the largest and closest).  The one on the right has over twenty orbs that I could count, especially near the water.  The one of the right is of Washington Square Park, where there are well-over two thousand bodies in unmarked, mass graves.  The one on the left of Independence Hall came later in the evening, so if her camera was spotting in the park, it cleaned itself.


This was my favorite of this years Halloween season:


This image was captured on the street outside Bishop William White’s House.  The caretaker, as far as I know, is a woman and not William_White-Bishop_Episcopal_Church_USA-1795transparent. I don’t think there are any portraits on the fourth floor (where the tour member was aiming the camera), though that is one of the places the ghost is most active.

I was unable to find a profile of the Bishop, but here’s his portrait from wikipedia.  I find the drooping nose and deep-set eyes familiar.

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