Creepy Photos

Now, none of these are from my tour.  I actually found them in a collection of rare historical photos.  But they are weird so I thought you might appreciate them as much as I did.  Meaning they will creep you out. Unless there’s something wrong with you.  In which case, enjoy!

Let’s start with something nice…

This is a 2,800 year old kiss.  According to the Penn Museum:
The Lovers” from 1972 season at Hasanlu
Hasanlu is an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley. Theses skeletons were found in a Bin with no objects. The only feature is a stone slab under the head of the skeleton on the left hand side.
The archaeologists believe that these ancients were hiding from a fire, started in a military raid that spread and got out of control. They are in a grain bin and would have died from smoke inhalation fairly quickly.
Interesting note.  These are two male skeletons.
I actually have seen this photo before.  It’s circulated in many ghost books and websites as a ghost caught on film.  The area is in Oak Grove, Kentucky.  The ghost is a traditional “Woman in White.”  She was a soldier’s wife and had two children by the man before he was murderously insane and killed his entire family and them himself.  It happened so suddenly, that the poor woman is still wandering the earth looking for answers.

I love this photograph.
It’s from the 1900s in a lovely cemetery.
No one noticed the figures in the water until after the photograph was taken.

Please notice it can’t be a reflection of the living girl as she is 1) blonde with short hair and 2) facing the water.

A photograph from a forest in Germany.  Very little is known about the people in this photograph except that this is the last picture of them alive.  The camera was found by a car on the side of the road miles away from this particular grove known to hikers by the distinctive three trees growing together.

No one can account for the ghostly figure in the corner or the disappearance of this couple.
I have no idea what is going on in this photo.

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