Once Upon a Time…



There were never enough bedtime stories, movies, or picture books to satisfy my appetite.

I would babble tales to myself at three years  old for hours.  I drew series of pictures and dictated the text to my mother before I could button2 read.  At seven, I’d pester my older cousin for ghost stories and when I couldn’t sleep at night because I was too afraid of the dark, I would close my eyes and tell myself the stories I wanted to be dreaming.

It seems like such a small request just one more story.But the whole of my world hinged on the next great feats, the next adventure, the next ghost, the next story.

This project is dedicated to the neighborhood kids who asked me for storied when I was a teenager, to my younger cousins begged me read it again when I finished their favorite picture books, to the people on my ghost tour who will stand with me no matter the weather to hear, just one more story.


Fairy-Tales and Pirate Sails are adventure stories appropriate for all ages.
Ghost Stories are for older kids.

Thank you for following and for supporting my art.

L. Gallows.

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